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Welcome to our web site

We are a company located in Yangon (Rangoon) and Bangkok (Thailand). We specialize in timber and wood business: log, sawn timer; finished products such as flooring, walling, decking, furniture or moulding, dimension stock, etc. Our main species are world famous teakwood, ironwood, rosewood, etc. orginated in Myanmar (Burma). We not only supply wood and its products but also provide all the related services such as inspection, packing and shipping, documentation, etc.

Please nagivate around this site to know about Myanmar (Burma), its timber species, forest management, measurement and grading, about our company and services, etc. To learn more about us and to do business with us please kindly send emails to us. We will try to answer any of your questions with our best knowledge.

About us

Myanmar Inter Safe Co., Ltd. has been formed in 1998 with the aim to provide agency service for the foreign companies who seek the business relationship with Myanmar (Burma).

The company is lead by Barber Cho, who has been working in the field of the international business circle for more than a decade. The experience of such long career drives him to compile some useful information on doing business business with Myanmar in a brief but realistic manner.

The compilation of such information will be far less than a status of a guide book, though it will support to the study of the foreign businessmen in a very short time to reach a working level of knowledge and understanding. Among some different categories to be compiled is this first compilation especially intended for the timber businessmen. The most important message to any reader is that the business relationship is not the precondition to keep us with you close. Regardless of your intention to do business with us or just to know something from us, please feel free to contact us. We would feel proud whenever we receive any inquiries, any question, any clarification, any request for advice, and whatever you ask, all will be paid with our full attention. For further information, kindly contact to the below references:

Thank you
Barber Cho (Mr)
Managing Director
Email 1: mis [at] myanmar [dot] com [dot] mm
Email 2: barbercho [at] gmail [dot] com

Contact details:
Myanmar Inter Safe Co., Ltd.
Room No. A-606, Thiri Yeiktha Condo.,
9 Mile, Pyay Road, Yangon, 11061
Telefax: 00 95 1 652820
Mobile phone: 00 95 9 5110832

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